Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Java3D Inverse kinematics application

This is my early work on Inverse Kinematics. Basically i wanted to demonstrate IK in a 3D environment. I replaced this application with a nicer looking Flash version, but decided to still post it here because: 

1) IK on Java3D is hard to find (I didnt manage to find one)

2) Show that it can be done in Java3D (Some Java books claim Java3D scenegraph works against IK)

Java3D IK ARM : This arm runs on the Jacobian Transpose method. If you never worked on Java3d before, you will probably not be able to view it. You will need the Java3d API. If you are running mac, unfortunately the latest OS 10.5.x does not support Java3d. so much for being a portable language.

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