Saturday, September 21, 2013

Augmented Reality - Selecting the right SDK

I was researching on creating a proprietary QR code for a personnel project. I wanted a system where a unique QR code could redirect visitors  to website. But i soon realize that QR code would soon be phased out. And then google directed me to Augmented Reality!!! Eureka this should be the future, image recognition to trigger a redirection. And so the quest to find a SDK.

Allow creation of personal AR apps.
Work on Android and iOS

Review of Shortlisted AR

- Payment needed for Skinned app or SDK per app license fees.
+ easy to use
+ well documented
+ community support
+ simple to design personal AR scenes (image targets & expected result)

- Payment needed to use their Cloud storage feature for dynamic loading of targets
+ Free for SDK and creation of app without having Cloud feature
+ Average documentation (noted some of their samples app are not updated to their latest SDK Version)
+ community support

- Payment based on image targets for SDK usage. ~ 3Euro per month for each image
+ Easy to create image target and response

- Learning curve to use is high, lacking of sample application to help get user started
+ Free to use

I settled for Vuforia, a somewhat free but usable solution. Using the sample application I began my first AR app within a night. 

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