Thursday, September 28, 2017

Reflection on life

It has been awhile since my last technical posting, a reflection of my current situation as a middle management.

Most technologist in Asia or at least in my narrow perspective could choose to either become an expert in a certain field and risk becoming obsolete or pursue a life trying to scale the corporate ladder.

I have chosen the latter and what it means is a shift in focus from being the problem solver to becoming a shape-shifter taking on the role of a saleman, slave driver, morale booster, leader, prophet, jester.

The role of a manager can be rewarding only if you are given the autonomy to lead your team and that you can produce results. And it is only fair that you should take responsibility of your team's performance.

But often time you will need to do the bidding of higher-ups whose direction you might not always agreed with. So how do you work on something that even you do not believe in ?? It is not impossible, but just very unfulfilling. How do you escape this cycle??

After going through some unfulfilling years at work, i have decided to take a year break from it all. An opportunity to slow down and appreciate life. A quest to do some reflection, to recharge my mind, body and soul (MBS).

As i struggle to define what is MBS, i guess the easiest approach would be to add activities that falls into this category in an iterative manner. The list would be flexible and dynamic but this post will be a good place to note down my commitment.

Learn something new - (Doing my Masters in information security)
Learn a new language

Exercise - at least twice a week either swim, gym, jog or hike
Sleep - at least 8 hrs
Eat well 

Practice mindfulness - need to learn that first
Meet new people

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