Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A reflection on decision making

Life is a series of decision, some made on impulses while others through serious deliberation.
Perhaps writing down my thought process could help provide clarity when i need it the most.

What works:
Reflecting back on the past, i stood behind every key decision made and this seems to work out well for me. There are no right or wrong decision, your life shapes itself around the decision that you made. If you believe in the decision made, you will inevitably work towards ensuring its success.
Living life with regrets only serves to make one's life worst than it actually is.

What to avoid:
Big decision that has serious implication on yourself and others deserves more time for consideration. Yet time is a precious commodity, and spending too much time could lead to over-thinking and inaction. As such a fine balance is necessary to ensure adequate but not over-thinking.

Listing out the options and its respective pros and cons and question assumption made
Be objective, or try to be
Speak to others
Take your time
Trust your instinct

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